Be kind to yourself

18th to 22nd May is Mental Health week and we are recognising kindness.

The definition of kindness is to be friendly, considerate and generous. In these traumatic times we see many acts of kindness on a daily basis.

People delivering food or medicine, businesses making PPE products, people going the extra mile to say a big warm hello to strangers all maintaining human contact from a distance. Many, many acts of kindness.

Being kind to others and is good for our mental health especially now. But please also remember to be kind to yourself. Say to yourself it’s okay to cry when you feel like it, to let loose your inner pressure cooker safely through digging if you’ve a garden or through pounding dough if you can find flour!

Kindness to yourself is also a way of recognising and admitting that you might need help if you feel overwhelmed and you are struggling with your relationships, your mental health and wellbeing. Along with many other agencies, Bright Light’s professional counselling and family therapy doors are wide open to help you through confidential and safe telephone or Zoom therapy services.

Be kind to yourself during this mental health week and long after.