What you are saying to us…and what we are doing to help

“Our routines are changing and it’s a real challenge… “
For people who like, and need routine, lockdown is extremely challenging. Routines have crumbled and coping with outbursts and confusion is highly stressful.

We know our Family Therapy and Couple Counselling is proving vital to you but you told us our appointment slots needed to be flexible to fit round all your family commitments – we heard you. We now offer evening slots to meet your family quiet times, for example when children are in bed.

“Who am I now… where am I?”
We know you need our counselling support because places you used to visit regularly to socialise and for practical support are now closed – restaurants, hairdressers, pubs, clubs, gyms. Many of our clients are missing their colleagues, the banter, seeing each other, just being in each others company. Most are missing the meaning and recognition work brings, being stuck at home can make people feel less valued or without the purpose that they experience with a healthy work/home balance. Many children are missing their friends, at school and at after school clubs.

Change is difficult any time but but lockdown happened overnight with no time for us to prepare. Our Family Therapy are expert at providing support and counselling for all family members as well as individuals.

“It’s a fearful time and it’s hard to know what is the right thing to do…
Many families have older or “shielded” people at home are worried and anxious about them being especially vulnerable. People are feeling guilty that they can’t visit extended family members, parents, brothers and sisters and not everyone is online for Skype or Zoom so seeing a loved one’s face isn’t always possible.

It’s important to realise that you are not alone, lots of people feel the same way and our counselling support can help you cope and deal with the challenges you face.

Young people, some with poor mental health before lockdown and others who were fine but now struggle to cope with the pressures of lockdown are coming to us for counselling support. Mums and dads are asking for help for the first time because they are worried about their children who are missing their friends, their school counselling support and the external social contact which has gone.

We are constantly listening to coronavirus news and people struggling to find hope for the future. Please don’t suffer in silence. Our counsellors and family therapy service can help whole families through these challenging weeks or provide sessions individual family members young and old when needed – we are flexible, ask us. If you want to learn about our services take a look through our site or just email with your questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.