How much will it cost?

At Bright Light we offer an extensive range of services, so when you contact us, a member of our admin team will arrange a first meeting with a counsellor. This is your intake meeting, it costs £29 which helps cover our charity's cost.

This initial meeting is not therapeutic counselling it is a meeting to get to know your needs and the counsellor will then recommend the right service for you. As we have so many people asking for an intake meeting we will ask you to pay in advance to reserve your appointment.

You can arrange your intake meeting by calling us on 0131 556 1527 or completing our simple on-line form.

Your Counselling sessions
Thereafter therapeutic sessions with one of our professional counsellors usually last 50 minutes and we ask you for a contribution of £70 to Bright Light to cover our costs.

We always strive whenever we can to make our services accessible to all and if you find you are really struggling to afford a £70 contribution per session then please phone us in confidence on 0131 556 1527 and we will try our best to see what is possible. If you prefer you can speak to the counsellor at your intake meeting.

We will ask you to pay for your appointments in advance, usually at the time of booking. Payment in advance reduces the number of missed appointments enabling us to offer as many bookings as possible to our clients. Contributions can be made by credit, debit card, cheque or cash.

When a counselling appointment becomes available after your intake meeting, a receptionist will phone to offer it to you. If you confirm the appointment we will ask you for a non-refundable deposit equal to your agreed payment of £70. This will be your normal contribution for each session and will secure your counselling day and time for future appointments. 

In your first counselling session you will make a therapeutic contract with your counsellor, part of which will be to review your regular contributions and attendance. 

Sexual relationship therapy
We understand it can often be difficult to talk about sex and your sex life but we promise *a safe confidential place where you can talk to us about anything. Our Intake meeting costs £29, and each session thereafter is £55.

The quickest way to arrange a meeting is to complete a self referral form and we’ll phone or email you to arrange a date. There is a form for individuals and another for couples.

*Covid-19 update: Our offices are currently manned for telephone enquiries only and all meetings take place using Zoom or over the phone.

We operate a 48 hours cancellation policy for all our appointments but please let us know as soon as you possible if you need to cancel an appointment. If you give less than 48 hours notice that you cannot attend your appointment you will lose your contribution and will need to pay again for your next appointment. Please note that to help you we operate a voicemail system when our office is closed. Please call and leave a message with your name and time of appointment saying you cannot attend and we will pick it up the next day.  

Why do we have to charge?

Bright Light receives some financial support from Scottish Government, Local Authorities in Lothian plus grants and income from some trust funds. Together this accounts for around 30-40% of our income, but the bulk of the money we need to survive comes from you, our clients.

How is our service funded?

Bright Light is an independent charity and not part of the Social Work Department or the Health Service. We are a self-financing not for profit agency and we rely on client contributions to provide our service.

If you are a UK taxpayer you could help the service further by signing a Gift Aid Declaration form. This means that we could receive an additional 25p for every £1 you donate to us. You would only have to sign the form once and it will not cost you anything extra to do this.