Gift Aid

Through Gift Aid Bright Light can claim 25p for every £1 you donate if you are a UK tax payer. And, the good news for some clients is that if you pay tax at the higher rate (40%) you can claim tax relief in your Self- Assessment tax return. 

But before we can reclaim tax on a donation received from you, we must have received a Gift Aid declaration from. Without this declaration, your donation will not qualify for Gift Aid.

You only have to fill in the form once giving us permission to claim Gift Aid each time you pay for counselling with us.

Each time you book an appointment we will ask you for permission to include Gift Aid, if your circumstances have changed since completing the form just select ‘no’.

It’s important we alert you to the tax implications of making a Gift Aid donation. If you have not paid enough tax to cover the tax deducted from any Gift Aid donation(s), HMRC may ask you to pay the difference in tax . This is particularly important if you have agreed to Gift Aid with several charities throughout the year. For full details about Gift Aid, please visit HMRC.

Use the link below to open the Gift Aid form then download it to your desktop. Open the pdf by clicking on it, type in your details then save it and email it to us at

Download the Gift Aid form

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