Are you unsure about online therapy?

Take a moment to read this letter of support and care for those of you who are unsure about moving from
in-person therapy into online face to face therapy. This joint message is from Julie, our CEO and one of our highly skilled therapists.

‘Hello to each of you,

I hope this finds you well in health.

You may have been informed from Bright Light about their move into the provision of online therapy at this time and I understand that this may be unfamiliar to you and you may be unsure how that could work, what would that look and feel like. Online therapy is face to face, so we will see each other. My connectedness to you and what you share with me doesn't change. My care and support for you doesn't change. What changes is that it's now happening on a screen and for many therapists and clients around the globe, this is the option we are left with to safeguard our health in these times. I totally understand many of you prefer in-person therapy and may fear some of that connectedness could be lost online, it is okay to have these doubts. This is something we can talk through and work on together in our session.

I would like to assure you that firstly it is a confidential space just as it was when we met for therapy in person. We are guided and bound by our accrediting associations and membership organisations at this time on best ethical practice in online therapy.

Secondly, once the signal is good from both your side and my side and we can see and hear each other without signal interruption, many clients I've worked with find an ease of transition over to this new medium of therapy. As we have had sessions together and managed to establish a therapeutic relationship together in person, this too will help ease into this new way of conducting therapy.

Zoom is downloadable for free online. From our end we will be working from the platform Zoom Pro to ensure the best quality for the session. Zoom is an encrypted platform, safeguarding our privacy insofar as encryption can.

For some time to come, it looks like we may have to work remotely.

If you are unsure and wish to give an online session a try to see how you feel about it, this is an option too. Online therapy may not work for everybody. Bright Light has been working hard in their strive toward ensuring our clients continue to be supported in these uncertain times. Your need for support is as important as ever to us at Bright Light at this time.

Kind Regards,

A Bright Light therapist  & Julie, CEO Bright Light