I am seeking…

for myself individually:

We will always offer you a warm welcome, whether you are single, if your partner cannot or doesn't feel ready to accompany you, or you just want to discuss things on your own. Please bring any aspect of your current, past, or future relationships to Bright Light.  

Our Individual Counselling Referral will get you started. We will then contact you to you to arrange an appropriate date and time for an intake meeting.

Counselling for me and a partner:

If you are looking to attend with a partner we’d ask that you complete a Couple Counselling Referral. We’ll then contact you to arrange an intake meeting for you to attend as a couple. If you’re unable to attend an intake meeting together feel free to complete an Individual Counselling Referral, and we will still aim to work flexibly with you and potentially arrange couple counselling in future.

Counselling for me and my family:

Our Family Therapy service covers a broad range of scenarios and aims to approach your needs flexibly. We’ll put you in touch with one of our therapists in order to discuss your needs in advance of arranging an intake meeting.

If you feel that Family Therapy is right for you please give us a call on 0131 556 1527.

Sexual relationship therapy

We can help if you or you and your partner are experiencing or have experienced sexual difficulties. Complete the referral form here and we’ll contact you to arrange an intake meeting. If you would like to attend with a partner complete the couple referral form here.

I’m not sure which service is best for me…

That’s okay! It isn’t always clear what course of action or service is best for you. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our very best to help out.