Sexual relationship therapy

At Bright Light we understand it can often be difficult to talk about sex and your sex life but we promise a safe confidential place where you can talk to us about anything. It may be that you have a specific sexual difficulty and are being referred to us or you want us talk to us to see if we can help you get the best out of the relationships that are important to you.   

Our therapists are experienced and fully trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you. It will probably take several sessions of relationship counselling for us all to be able to recognise, understand, and talk about the issues and plan the next steps forward.

Self referral
The quickest way to arrange a meeting is to complete a self referral form and we’ll phone or email you to arrange a date. Our intake meeting costs £29, and each session thereafter is £55.

If your worries are upsetting you or affecting your quality of life fill the form in now. *Come in and see us for a chat and we’ll help you reach your goals. Please complete either the form for individuals or if you’d like to attend with a partner complete the form for couples.

*Covid-19 update: Our offices are currently manned for telephone enquiries only.

Sex addiction -  help for you

There are two leaflets available: