To all our wonderful and deeply valued clients

We just want to take some time in the midst of all the changes we are experiencing to say a big thank you and to tell you how grateful we are for your understanding, your cooperation and your support as we adapt to the ever changing landscape during this unprecedented and difficult time.

We are delighted that you are finding the systems that we have adopted as we transition over to our interim stance of offering remote, digital counselling, easy to navigate and use. We are utilising all our available resources and working closely with all of our fantastic team in the agency to provide you with a safe therapeutic space, all the while ensuring our excellent standards are maintained with no exception. We are passionate about what we do, and it is essential that we continue to sustain and maintain your access to our counselling service as best as we are humanly able with our skilled and exceptional counsellors. And the way you have engaged and supported us in this most uncertain of times is truly appreciated.

And please remember, If you do have any queries or need to get in touch with us, you can still email us at

Wishing you a safe isolation.

Best wishes

Sue Lancaster, Client Relationship Manager

PS, here’s what you’ve been saying about our new face-to-face online sessions. Thank you for giving us permission to publish your comments

“I like face to face - I’m not technical or digital - but once I started speaking with my counsellor by Zoom I forgot we weren’t in the same room. Very comfortable and confidential and thanks to my counsellor for making this happen.”
Client, Edinburgh

“I love my family but living together in a small flat 24/7 is a challenge and we’re all stressed too. Family therapy by digital has been great such a help. Encourage you to try it - its by digital but so easy to use.”
Client, Dalkeith

“Thank you all counsellors and admin for making it so easy to move to counselling by phone”
Client, Cramond, Edinburgh

“I thought I’d lost my counselling help but Bright Light have gone the extra mile to keep in touch. Even more needed now so I’m having counselling weekly again. Thanks everyone!“
Client, Rural, West Lothian