How to arrange appointments with us

We want to give you as much choice as we can, with as little waiting time as possible when arranging an appointment. We ask all our clients to make a contribution towards the cost of their counselling. Our booking process is straight forward but if you have any problems booking please email us at

You are just a few steps away from your first appointment. Please take a minute to read the 4 steps below then head over to ‘book a first appointment’ page here.

Step 1

Go to our ‘book a first appointment’ page and complete and submit a self-referral form appropriate to your personal circumstances. You only have to do this once.

Step 2

When we receive your completed self-referral form we will email you with your dedicated client reference number and a link to the online Intake Meeting booking page on our website. We will ask you to book an available date and time that suits you and you will be asked to pay £29 by debit/credit card or PayPal when you book. Please keep a note of your reference number, it’s unique to you and you might need to use it sometimes when contacting us.

Your first meeting is with an Intake Counsellor who will clarify your needs and goals and recommend the right service for you. Intake meetings last about 50 minutes and you will have an opportunity to discuss affordable contributions for your future counselling appointments at the meeting.

Step 3

About a week after your intake appointment is complete you will be placed on our appointment waiting list, we will then email you with a selection of appointments to choose from based on your availability. You should try to confirm your preferred appointment time as soon as you can as this helps us to keep our waiting list to a minimum. Counselling consists of a series of sessions repeated on the same day and time as the first one and at your first counselling session your counsellor will agree with you how many sessions you should book, it’s usually 6. You will be asked to pay the agreed contribution before each appointment.

As long as you give more then 48hrs notice you can re-schedule an appointment. Only change an appointment if you really have to as it’s better for you not to interrupt your regular counselling sessions if possible. If you give less than 48 hours notice that you cannot attend your appointment you will lose your contribution and will need to pay again for your next appointment. You can see our cancelation policy here.

Step 4

Finally……if you are a UK tax payer, adding Gift Aid increases your contribution to us by 25% but to enable us to claim from HMRC you need to complete the Gift Aid contribution form and email it to us. Please take a moment now to visit our Gift Aid page here. Thank you!